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Promoting The Responsible Tourist

Whether your travels take you to a tropical beach, a bustling city or a tranquil village, you can make your international travels as rewarding and gratifying as possible for you, for the people you meet, and for the places you visit. Follow these practical steps and you will gain more from your travel experience and earn the respect of your international hosts by:

Honouring local traditions and customs

  • Research your destination to learn all that you can about local customs and traditions. It is a great way to build understanding of the local community and excitement for your adventure ahead.
  • Learn to speak a few words in the local language. This can help you connect with the local community and its people in a more meaningful way.
  • Experience and respect all that makes an international destination different and unique from its history, architecture and religion to its music, art and cuisine.

Supporting the local economy

  • Buy locally-made handicrafts and products.
  • Respect local vendors and artisans by practicing fair trade.
  • Do not buy counterfeit products and items that are prohibited by national/international regulations.

Respect the Environment

  • Reduce your environmental impact by being a good steward of natural resources and archaeological treasures.
  • Protect wildlife and their natural habitats.
  • Purchase products that are not made using endangered plants or animals.
  • Take photos instead of protected artifacts as mementos of your trip.
  • Leave only your footprint and a good impression behind.

Being an informed and respected traveler

  • Observe national laws and regulations.
  • Respect human rights.
  • Protect children from exploitation in travel and tourism.
  • Take appropriate health precautions.
  • Know how to access medical care or contact your embassy in case of an emergency.

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