Berlin, which not so long ago a city with a scar across its middle and a wasteland at its heart, has been transformed over recent years with the completion of a highly eclectic array of buildings and major urban renewal programmes. In the process, it has become a cultural mecca bursting with vibrancy, excitement and diversity.

Post-Wall Berlin thrives on internationalism and tolerance. Its rich and varied cultural, political and social history means this most contemporary of cities is also one in which every district has a character of its own.  

There is no limit to things to do in Berlin. Head to the former and now once more city centre district of Mitte for numerous boutiques, shops and great café’s, galleries, memorials and museums, and, of course, the Brandenburg Gate, which has come to symbolise the new German unity.

You want more? Day and night, from north to south, east to west, Berlin has so many things to see and discover.

Try the charming Charlottenburg palace and gardens. Check out the Museumsinsel (Museum Island) a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the middle of the Spree river. How about a stroll through the impressive Tiergarten park in the heart of the city? You could explore the forests and take a refreshing dip at the Schlachtensee or Wannsee lakes. Or seek out quirky entertainment in the Mauerpark.